Triton 4 months

Late again...but here is a little bit about our 4 month old Triton.

At 4 months, Triton...

...has managed to develop pretty solid head control despite rarely being forced to "exercise" with Tummy Time.

...weighs 14lbs 1oz and is 26.5 inches long. Apparently this makes him 25 percentile for weight but they must use a different scale for boys because he is definitely bigger than either of his sisters were at this age. Also he is 90 percentile for if he looks tall to you, it's because he is! still a very happy smiley baby (when he's not plagued by gas. Poor kid gets majorly sad then toots like you wouldn't believe! Then Aahhh! Sweet relief!)

...loves to munch his fingers. And slobber. Is he teething? Who knows, but the slobber is intense! In the words of Hibou, "mom, he's bubbling on his shirt!!!" getting pretty good at grabbing and holding things and even getting those things up to his mouth. The girls applaud any time he successfully picks something up.

....eats whenever he wants. Probably every 2 hours, but whose really keeping track?

....takes 2 or 3 naps (on those days when we are home and I actually put him down for naps...which isn't often) One is usually 45 mins and the other is longer. The 3rd when it happens is usually a quick 15 min bedtime nap. 

...goes to bed around 8 and gets up around 7 give or take. With a few breaks in between. The past week it's been a lot of breaks but I am hoping that is related to his cold and not a regular habit so we won't bother with those sleepless details :-) still very adored by his sisters.

I love these kiddos!

Homeschooling - an off week

This year we began officially experimenting with homeschooling. Papillon is officially in Pre-K, so I am keeping my expectations (of myself) pretty low for this year. But it's been good to get my feet wet and get a sense of what things may work well for us in the future.

One thing I have already learned is that sometimes you have good days and some times you have off- days (or weeks...) in terms of what you accomplish.  Last week was one such off-week.  Perhaps I was poorly prepared, perhaps I was over committed, perhaps I was hormonal. But whatever it was, school just wasn't clicking last week. A lot of our activities ended up just being loose-association play time after reading some picture books that we've already read 100 times.

We had one pretty good lesson (I think!). We learned about snakes in our little preschool-co-op. And I think we all had a lot of fun, and perhaps even learned a thing or two!

We had an spoon-egg race with our leathery "snake-eggs" (I'd soaked them in vinegar overnight, it makes chicken eggs nice and soft). 

Perhaps more fun, though was when we "accidentally" dropped them on the sidewalk...

...and smashed them up really well.  (Side note: Eggs, soaked in vinegar overnight smell pretty bad when they are smashed. Yikes!)

That was a good day.  The rest of the week was pretty iffy.

Here we were learning about pets, and making "dog houses" (aka, just building towers with blocks because Mom couldn't come up with anything better to do)

And more on pets...building cages for our play-doh-birds.  Again, basically just playing with playdoh because I couldn't think of anything better.
So yes, and off week. But it happens, right? And as long as they are not all off-weeks, I think we are still succeeding!

So much support

Mon Amour is back to traveling quite a bit, and while I feel like I've adjusted pretty well to parenting all three kids while he is away, I've realized that, more so than even before, I am very dependent on the help and support of others. For those long days, where I just need to talk to a grown-up, or when I need my kids to talk to a grown up that is not me, or when I can't find the motivation to make dinner for just myself and my kids (who may or may not actually eat what I fix), or when the house is simultaneously too crowded and too lonely, I am hugely grateful for all the support I receive from friends and family.

Here's a smattering of pictures of our adventures from Mon Amour's most recent trip.

Nana and Triton. (At Chick Fil A, obviously. We are there a lot when Mon Amour is away)

Helping Aunt Mimi walk Zelda.

Reading with Miss B.

Sharing a sandbox with friends after a sleepover.

And so many more helpers and encouragers who are not pictured!

Sweet sisters

I love the way these two play together.  Here they are on their new scooters (which we got from Freecycle! Woohoo!)

And here is Hibou dressed in an outfit that Papillon created for her.

And another outfit created by Papillon for Hibou, this one complete with some whispered secrets.

Triton : 3 months

Quick! Before this Little Man turns 4 months, let me get some notes down about his 3rd month!

For comparison, here is Hibou at 3 months and Papillon at 3 months.

Triton and his Big Sisters. (Who still adore him. Though Papillon has taken to holding her ears when he cries. haha)

At 3 months, Triton....

....weighs approximate 14lbs.  And wears 3-6 or 6 month size clothes. Still not a super-chub, but definitely long and decidedly bigger than his sisters at this age.

...goes to bed between 8 and 9pm. Wakes up once or twice for a snack before getting up for the day around 7am.  Sometimes a case of gas bubbles will make it hard for him to settle down, but he works it out eventually. 

....sleeps in our bedroom in his pack n play.  Though it may be time to find him a comfier mattress than just the Pack N Play one...

...loves his pacifier! When he's tired and fighting it, often the pacifier works like magic in helping him fall asleep. It's a beautiful thing.

...smiles a ton.

...seems to be starting to grab things. He clasps his hands a lot. Grabs at his pacifier and holds onto fingers when offered.  The girls think he's very talented! a major finger-sucker. He is constantly munching on his fist and fingers. totally chill (unless he's working out some which case, yikes!), and loves to be around people. He's started to show signs of being unable to sleep when people are around. Perhaps it's time to work on actual crib-napping. Maybe....  In the mean time, he still sling-naps, bouncy seat naps, naps on my lap, the sofa, the car (though often I marvel at how long he stays awake in the car, despite the soothing motion). Wherever.

I love the time that Triton and I have in the evenings after the Girls have gone to bed and he and I can just play for a bit.  Oh and he loves being naked. :-)

He loves bath time, though he is getting to long for his little tub. Might be time to bathe in the big tub soon!

Most of the time I think he looks like Papillon, but then I think his face may be a little rounder and his hair is a little lighter, so perhaps he looks like Hibou. Truly he looks like himself, I suppose, but as many people have said "he's definitely related".

We love you Triton!


Another fun thing we've been wanting to do since we moved to this city and that is go to one of the beer tastings hosted by the zoo. For one reason or another we've never made it...until this year! For added fun, we took Mon Anour's dad with us!

Also, these picture are nice and backwards, so here is the event...backwards!

Triton slept through pretty much the whole thing! Way to go Triton!

After some beer tasting we paid a visit to a few of our favorite animals.

And saw the flamingos (who have been hiding somewhere mysterious for many years) in their new exhibit!

And of course the new penguin exhibit!

Riding the tram is always fun!

There was lots of tasty food to go along with the tasty beers.

It was a lot of fun and we would definitely go to this event again! It was great to just enjoy deliciousness and music and nice weather with some family!

Downhill derby

Every year since we move to the city we've talked about going to our neighborhood's Soapbox Car Derby and we've never managed to go (side note, it seems that the year we moved here was the first time they held this event. Who knew)  This year, encouraged by my Soapbox Derby loving father, we went! (Sadly mon Amour was out of town, so we have to go next year!)

It was a perfect day for such an event!

The girls were intrigued!

And happy to spend time with Nana and Grandpa

The race was a lot of fun, but eventually we got hungry.  Fortunately there was an adorable diner right there by the race course. Pancakes all around! Yum!

We will most definitely be going back next year. It was low key, but exciting, competitive but really just tons of fun